Bob’s BBQ!

On Wednesday, a group of us went to Bob’s BBQ in Dodgeville for a late lunch! It was such a great time because only one of us have been there and the others have not! Everyone loved the food and conversation we had together! Thank you for another memory before we all leave for the summer!



After the wing meeting on Tuesday, a group of us went to Berry-Yo to support the Dance Marathon fundraiser. We had a great time talking about finishing classes, what we are doing for the summer, and made some plans to meet up this summer! Thanks for a great time and making more memories before we all leave.


Wing Desserts!


Last week on Tuesday night (3/7) we had a wing dessert night and it was a success! A special thanks to Sam (228) and Emily (223) for making those wonderful desserts! We had a great time with socializing with each other and listening to music. Let’s do it again with more desserts and more people!