Weather Safety!

As spring is in full swing, severe weather can be a threat at anytime! I put up a bulletin board on weather safety so you know what to do when severe weather is near. I hope you read it and learn what to do when severe weather is in the air. 

Change Your Words!

I put up a bulletin board on changing your words will change your mindset! I feel like we all need this at this time of year where finals are approaching! Take some time to read this if you are feeling overwhelmed and let this help you change your mindset! 

Mongolian Lunch! 

On Friday, Hailey and I had lunch at the Mongolian grill in the student center! We talked about life and how classes went the past week. It was a great time getting to know each other better! Maybe next time we can get more people to go with us! 



In honor of Alcohol Awareness Month in October, I put up a bulletin board of myths and facts about alcohol. I hope you got the chance to read this board to learn about what is true and what is not about alcohol and how to be safe about it!