Late Night At Markee!

Shout out to the group of ladies that went to late night at the Markee a couple Fridays ago! We had a great time getting balloon animals, enjoying the comedian, getting tarot cards read, and free food! Thanks for inviting me with you guys!


Door Decs!!

Here are your door decs for the beginning of the school year! The circle guy is from Star Wars called BB-8. This was to go along with our opening weekend theme. The other one is a mailbox to welcome you to your second home! I want to make 2 North a clean, safe, comfortable, and homely living environment for everyone! So let’s make that happen!


Countdown Chains

Thanks for everyone who kept up with “The Countdown to Finals” chain near the bathroom!  It was great to see the hall working together to countdown to our last week together!  Make sure you say goodbye to all of those that you made a connection with this semester!  I will miss you all!

Have a good finals week!


Open Doors

Hey 2 North!  You all having been doing super well with the open door challenge!  Make sure to keep you doors open and I will be walking around the wing and checking out who is hanging out, having their door open, or studying.  Whenever I see this I will put a fun sticker on your name tag!

You guys have been doing great and it’s awesome to see all the open doors and smiling faces!

Keep up the good work!


You are now entering a hate free zone.

Hello everyone.

When you walk into either door entering 2 north you will now see a sign saying “you are now entering a hate free zone”.  With all the hate in the world I want to create a place and community that any resident can feel welcome and comfortable in.  Please let me know if this is not the case already.  I hope everyone has a great day!

Be kind to one another.



Beyonce Board


By now I’m sure all of the 2 North residents have noticed the Beyonce Board by the bathroom.  It’s been looking great but we could use a few more boxes to finish it off.  It’s pretty simple.  Anytime you share a pizza with another 2 North resident ask the delivery person to draw their best Beyonce on the box!  It’s a great way to spend an evening together and to get to know new people!  Who wouldn’t say no to pizza?

Have a great Sunday everyone!