Egg Fest!

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Thank you to all the ladies of 2 North for coming down to participate in egg fest! I hope you all enjoyed the free food and activities that were offered! I hope you got a lot of candy and prizes as well!

Mongolian Lunch! 

On Friday, Hailey and I had lunch at the Mongolian grill in the student center! We talked about life and how classes went the past week. It was a great time getting to know each other better! Maybe next time we can get more people to go with us! 

Mission Trip Talk!

Marlee and Ellen went on a mission trip over spring break to Ecuador to serve the poor and challenged people with giving them love and prayer. It was so awesome seeing how much it impacted them both and how they wanted to give back to others with love and prayer! They both shared some fantastic stories from severing the people of Ecuador. I am proud of the both of you for going and serving others in need through love and prayer!