Who Wants to Build a… PLAYLIST! ✌

Go write some of your favorite songs on the Spotify bulletin board! Let’s see how awesomely diverse our wing’s taste of music is!

We can enjoy the playlist at wing events and who know, maybe you’ll find new music that you love! (:



Beat the Winter Blues!

Even though we just started Spring semester, it’s still winter here in Wisconsin. Take a look at this bulletin board to find 10 Ways to Beat the Winter Blues!

Staying healthy (physically) is SO important, but don’t forget that your brain health is just as important, if not moreso.

Take care of yourself this semester! (:



All Emotions Are Okay!! 😊

“All emotions are okay.. it is what you do with them that matters!” 

It is okay to be emotional, whether that be sad or happy or angry or disgusted. Your actions and how you portray your emotions to others is what matters the most! (: 

I hope you enjoyed the board, and a big thanks to Jarren  (3 South RA) for the help! 

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Change Your Words ~ Change Your Mindset 

Especially during a time where we are sometimes too hard on ourselves during Finals Week, remember that how you talk to yourself is incredibly important. 

Changing your words is the first step in changing your mindset and ultimately developing a more positive version of yourself. When your words change, you are able to view things in a different light. 

Check out the board and happy finals week! (: 

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Healthy Relationships

I hope you all got to check out the “Healthy Relationships” board that was up in the hallway for the last month. 

College is a time to meet new people, both friends and often times, significant others. Make sure you are secure in yourself, so you know what you will tolerate and what you will not. Everyone is different, but it is super important to be aware of yourself so you can grow in a positive way through all of the relationships you’re involved in. #identitydevelopment

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We Are All One ~ The Same but Different 

At our most recent wing meeting, on December 12th, the residents of 2 North that were present wrote their names and a word or two to describe themselves. 

We must always remember that no matter how we are different, we share so many similarities. CHECK OUT how your fellow wingmates see themselves and think about how you can relate to them and appreciate both your similarities and your differences! (: 


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Diversity Cupcakes! 

A huge thanks to Jarren (3 South RA) And Jonessa (2 South RA) for hosting the Diversity Cupcakes event on Dec. 6th, in the basement of Brockert Hall! It was a really cool platform for good discussions to be had, especially in a time where sometimes we forget to celebrate our differences. And of course.. who doesn’t love cupcakes?! 

Keep a look out for some more awesome diversity events next semester! (: 


Swing Dance Club ~ Masquerade Ball

Some of the Two North residents attended the Masquerade Ball that Swing Dance Club puts on every fall. Micaela (SA) and Jarren (3 North RA) are members, and we got to join them and see what swing dance is all about. Joining clubs on campus are a great way to step out of your comfort zone and really develop your interests and find your niche on campus! Check out UW – Platteville’s many clubs on pioneerlink! #identitydevelopment